Headed into November already!!! I can not believe it. I know I promised a little October freebie this month. I don't know what happen this month but it got right past me in no time. However, I can not let my faithful blog followers down. So , I am sharing with you an ADORABLE thing one of the teachers did with my own kiddos at school. I added to the activity by creating a little alphabet order handout that you could use to keep your students engaged to prep for the activity. I did find it easier to have all of the materials separated into individual bags and labeled.
Here is what you will need.
 A large black pot/cauldron
  Plastic bags-labeled with ingredients
Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal
Pretzel sticks
Dried craisins
Chow Mein Noodles
  Chocolate chips
  Candy Corn
Then give all the ingredients a fun name like Ghost poop, pumpkin guts, and cat whiskers through all of the chuckles of the students. They LOVED IT!!! Have each student pick a plastic bag and dump it into the black cauldron. After all of it is mixed together place into a fun , festive individual bags to send home or snack on in class. So much fun. Here is the little freebie I promised to you.

Looking forward to the month of giving Thanks. Stop on by for a little thanks to all of my readers.

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