I have linked up a couple times with Farley and I love this linky.  It is so much fun to see what others are doing and up to especially in the summer.  I have had a couple linkies of my own and they have not been so successful so I am hoping some of you have some tips and tricks for me in that department.  So here is what I am up to this month and thinking about and doing.  ;) 

My husband loves to watch Rocky and Rambo movies.  He will watch the movies anytime they come on and guess who usually has to sit through them.  Me!  :) 
I love sleeping in and turning off that alarm clock.  I do not miss that sound of that alarm clock and knowing that it is set to go off so EARLY in the morning.  Can you tell I am not a morning person. 
I really want a vacation but not sure it is in the budget this summer.  I need some suggestions for a fun short and budget friendly vacation. 
Do you ever look at your clothes and say I am thankful I have clothes don't get me wrong but wish I could receive in the mail a 1,000 dollar gift card to go buy a set of all new summer clothes...Dreaming right? 
So that leads me to the next one is the need to buy all those clothes is money. Right?  
I am no expert on blogging...I am still learning something new each and every day.  I read Farley's tip on blogging and she said you should get in front of the camera sometimes.  I do not like my picture taken.  I am absolutely the most critical person of myself over photos...  I have yet to share one with my readers but I am sharing one today that I kind of like.   So this is who is behind The Teaching Bug.  LOL

Happy Fourth!   Have a safe one! 

As my year wrapped up it always ends so bittersweet.  It is hard to say goodbye to everyone you have worked with over the school year but at the same time you are so ready for a break.  I have to say I am not afraid to say goodbye to this.....  I hate getting up early and not really a morning person.  I have always thought it would be great to have school start a little later in the day.  :) 

So I thought a fun way to do our Chalk Talk this month is to share a fun activity or project you did with your students at the end of the year or share a favorite memory from the past school year.  So as a freebie I am sharing what I did with my students to help remember the fun times we had this past school year. 
Each student received a page and they were asked to draw a picture of their favorite thing that happened in our classroom this year.  Then  they were asked to draw a self portrait of themselves in the small framed box and write a sentence or two telling us what they thought was the best part of the year.  After everyone is finished I take their pages and laminate them and make it into a book to share with my new class at the start of the next school year.
  Check out the freebie:  Click on the picture for a freebie. 

So here is June's Chalk Talk.  I am looking forward to hearing how all of you great teachers wrap up your school year.  Feel free to share your blog post with us about your end of year or a product you used in your classroom to end the school year. 
  All I ask if you link up is to visit other links and share some love on their links.  It is also appreciated if you add my logo to your blog post .  See you next month same time same place.  Remember every month on the 15th I will have a new fun thing to talk about. 

O.k. today was the LAST day of school and maybe some time to do some blogging which I need to catch up on....by the way...my monthly Chalk Talk Linky party will be up and running on Saturday.  I hope you will link up.  I saw this linky that Ashley at Just Reed is hosting and it was talking about one of my favorite things to waste  spend time on which is Pinterest.  :)  
  If you didn't know this I have a several Pinterest boards over on Pinterest called surprisingly  The Teaching Bug.  :)  Go check them out.  I thought I would share my top 10 favorite classroom d├ęcor pins. 

1.  I love having great places to sit in the classroom for my students.  This is a great way to create a reading bench or a place to sit during activities. 

2.  If you use the Daily 5 in your classroom I think this chart is a great way to make sure you know what station your students are and which stations they need to visit. 
3.  Taking a simple frame purchased at Wal-Mart and changing into a note board you can easily write stuff down to remember. 
4.  I love how this teacher used fabric to cover her bulletins boards and the use of fabric on the reading table to make it look inviting. 
5.  I can't say enough of what a cute idea this is and it is on my list to do.  Take fun colored gift bags and add some party stuff to them like tissue paper and paper candles to add students birthdays to it. 
6.  Looking for a fun way to add border to your bulletin board.  Just take some tissue paper garland and scrunch it to make a fun border.   
7.  This bulletin board would be great in a first grade classroom to help students refer to the spelling of certain vowels together when found in the words. 
8.  Take fun colored paper plates to make a sign in your classroom.  Inexpensive and fun!
9. How much fun would these seats be for your students to gather at on the rug.  If you had the classroom space that would be great.   
10.  And finally to round out my ten favorite pins is how this teacher used bath mats to show where reading could take place in the reading corner.  Love the bright colors. 
Stay tuned on Saturday and hope you will stop by for Chalk Talk for June.  I have a fun theme planned. 
I just had to share with you and maybe I am the only one on the planet who never saw this before but let me tell you this would make my job SOOOOOO much easier.  And the best part it is FREE to use!!!   You can't beat that!   It is called SignUp Genius.  And to me that is genius.  Just imagine what you could do sign up sheets for.....school supplies, classroom party supplies, parent volunteer sign up, and parent-teacher conferences.  If you have used this before let me know what you have found it useful to use it for.  I would love to hear some great ways you have used it.  I was so excited and tried it out for the first time for our end of the year ice cream party I had to share it with you. Any time saver is great for me.  Have a great week! 

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