As I was looking through some other blogs  I ran across this wonderful post written by Dr. Kylene Beers, a Heinemann author and former president of NCTE.  The post was titled"Why I Hated Meredith's First Grade Teacher:An Open Letter to America's Teachers."  I was taken back at  first and went in thinking it would slam teachers.  Well after reading the post I can tell you I was moved to tears.  I hope you will take the time to read it if you are a parent or teacher or both.  It was a good portrait of the role teachers play in children's lives as well as the overwhelming emotions parents have sharing they most precious gifts with the world.  Click on the schoolhouse below to read the article.  Share your thoughts and comments. 

Clipart courtesy of  Link below!

As I was going through Pinterest I found a great tip on how to find books for you classroom for great prices.  Here is the website and I found one coming to my area and I am going to check it out!  As soon as I go I will update you and let you see if I found any good deals.  Here is the website.  Check one out and see if one is coming to your area. If anyone has attended these sales please comment below. 
Teaching young children their name and address can be made fun by singing this little song.  I came up with this little song to the tune of "Have you seen a Lassie?" to help my students learn their own addresses and phone numbers.  The song helped the children remember it very easily.  I am sharing this freebie with you.  I typed up the song and gave a fictitious name and address to help you see how the song is sung.  I hope you will find it useful in your classroom.  The cute background was provided by click on her link at the bottom of my page. 
  It would be GREAT if you find this resource useful you would follow my blog and I encourage others to do the same.  Of course you are permitted to pin it as well. 

Name and Address Freebie The Teaching Bug

Song Freebie learning name and address The Teaching Bug

Have you ever wondered how you could change clip art from color to black and white?  I have wondered that myself and found a great tutorial video using (which is FREE to download)  on your computer and super easy to use.  I thought I would share this youtube video I found which was real easy and simple to follow the instructions.   If you know of an easier way to change clipart please do share.  Hope everyone has a great Friday!!!!  Only a few more weeks until school starts are you ready?


Happy Friday,  Julie

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