As it is getting close to Halloween I thought I would share a cute activity one of my teaching buddies did with her kinders.  It was absolutely adorable and the kids loved it.  They also turned out super cute.  First, she shared the book The Ghosts Dinner by Jacques Duquennoy  .  If you haven't read this book it is a cute not scary book about some Halloween ghosts who sit down to dinner and whatever they eat for dinner is what color they turn.  You can buy the book but it is very expensive used.  I was able to snag one up off of E-bay but I paid about 10.00 dollars for it so check out your garage sales, thrift stores, or any used book store.  You don't want to miss sharing this one.  You can buy it used on Amazon but it does cost a bit more.  Or check it out at the library or buy one copy and share it with your team.  ;) 
So here is what she did.  She took some white construction paper and cut it into ghost shape.  If your lucky enough to have parent volunteers have them cut out the shapes for you.  Always a big help. 
Then on computer paper she had the phrase "My ghost ate......" and cut the strips and put on the back of the ghosts.                                                                                                                                                        

After sharing the book with the kids the kids wrote down what their ghost ate.  On the other side the kids added eyes and colored the food that the ghost ate on their ghost .  So if they ate this little ghost did then they would draw all of the toppings that was on the pizza on their ghost. 
Adorable right?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Have a very spooky boo filled Halloween. 
How many of you hear this countless times during the day???  Moving down from third grade to kindergarten this phrase came out more times than I could count.  Luckily, we had a bathroom right in the room.  I also noticed another little thing about my sweet little darlings.  If one would ask then all of them would need to go even if I was in the middle of a what I thought was a fun lesson or activity we were doing.  I thought how could they possibly want to miss this cool science experiment to head to the bathroom???? Wishful thinking on my part.  There must be something magical about a bathroom at this age....I have yet to understand it.  :) 
  So after hearing "Teacher....I have to go to the bathroom."  (Because in kindergarten that is what your name is until they learn it).  I decided to come up with my own signal to teach the kids at the beginning on what to do if they needed to go to the restroom. I have to tell you it was my own MAGICAL key to a bathroom phrase free classroom. 
  In my room, I taught the kids how to use the thumbs up sign to let me know they needed to go to the bathroom.  We were sitting on the carpet one day and I said I have a new way for you to let me know that you need to use the restroom.  So I showed them the thumbs up sign.  I told them they could raise their little thumbs anytime they needed to go and I would just look at them , nod my head, and they could go.  No need to disturb anyone .  So we tested it out.  I started reading a story together and I stopped and pointed to one of my darlings and asked them to pretend they needed to use the restroom...I asked the rest of the class to show me how they ask to go to the bathroom.  Of course I said do we yell out "Teacher, I need to go to the bathroom!!!"  Really loud ....cue the giggles from the kids.  :)  Or do we raise our thumb like this.  Of course you hope they choose the second answer.  They did and then I say what do I do....I say I look at you , nod my head and you go quickly and quietly.  
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Any great tips you have on how you get your students to the bathroom without disrupting your class?  Let me know.  I would love to hear from you. 


Hey everyone!!!  A real quick post about my newest packet that is hot off the presses.  I don't know about you but September flew by and so did my time.  I was glad to get this done because usually after I complete my Daily ABC packet I like to start in on CVC words with the kids.  If you are not sure what packet I am talking about you can get it in my store. 

I have decided to make little packets for the CVC words and will make a bundle after they are complete.  I hope you like what you see and go check it out .  Also I am giving away my first copy to any of my Facebook followers if you are not a Facebook follower head on over to become one leave me a comment and I will choose one winner tomorrow night. 
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