Happy U.S. Constitution Day!  Our school is celebrating Constitution Day by having everyone where red, white, and blue.  I wanted to share with you a quick craft I plan on doing with the kids today to go along with our theme and a book I plan on sharing. 
  As I was looking around on Pinterest....as I always do for inspiration  :)  I came across this craft that tied in perfectly with the theme.  I saw this over at Adventures in Kindergarten
And finally to wrap up our activities I will share this book with the children to tie in our theme today. 

If we have time we may watch Charlie Brown's Birth of the Constitution.  If not, we will save it for a Friday afternoon treat!  :) 
Now that school is back in session I don't know about you but I love to save some time at the end of the day. :) I thought I would share how I save time with my agenda books. Before I moved down to kindergarten I taught 3rd grade. My students were issued an agenda book to write down their homework. My responsibility was to go around the room, check , and sign to make sure their homework was copied correctly.           Well at the end of the day it is CRAZY busy. :) So an idea popped into my head instead of writing my signature over 30 times I went online and found a self inking stamper similar to this one and used my initials or my school signature as I like to call it to stamp away those agendas. The first time I used it I was amazed at how well it worked and how much time it saved me. It's the little things!     :)

I hope you are all enjoying your first, second or third beginning weeks of school.  :) 
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